Friday, February 18, 2011

Sweet shores of Georgetown Pearl Island.

My favorite place on earth.

My home sweet home.

Tanah airku. (If I am not wrong! :P )

The sound of waves ease the very soul of one's heart.

The sunset that shines like heaven on the golden soft sands along the beach.

The people enjoying the zephyr from one end to another. Just hand in hand. Ahhh simply beautifully romantic.

Peace of mind.

Heart (x100)

x o

The month of February 2011

the month of February brought JOY to my heart entirely.

There are little LOVE experiences thus far, in all other circumstances it's all good.

All the parties, the outings, the gatherings, the new faces, the AWESOME academic results, the FUN opportunities and drinks. Loves 'em.

Having to gather such interesting people around me, younger & older, fun & dull, interesting & blahh. Perfect combo of such a Bento box to my treat.

Thoughts of applying for being a flight attendant kept playing in my mind yet there are so many issues beyond my brain capacity could process.

Am I totally archaic? I hope not. Gadget wise. TOTALLY!(hearts)

Playing with the new features on my bb. Foursquare, Twitter.

So lovin' the life of my less stressed up days of February.

Seeing you soon March! Give me a reason to look forward to though. x o