Monday, June 28, 2010

untitled post

He lays me on the couch and says
"How has your day been? Tell me your problems;I'll help you solve them.
Come on let's talk about it"
He sits next to me and smiles. Listens to all of my words, relaxes all of my nerves.

Take deeps breathes and real slow, calm down
Ease my mind
From my body please work your psychology.
You're taking good care of me
Always been there for me
I can't bear to leave cause I need your therapy.

You've given me everything
So much I ever could need
Without you I'm so weak in the knees.
He puts his hand on my lower back
His face in my neck and says something to make me laugh
Makes me forget I was mad
His touch feels so right, it's like he's reading my mind
I need him all the time

When it feels like I'm losing power
When I feels like a wilting flower
The way you touch me says I'm there for you
It heals me just to hear you say "I Love You".

Wacked up weekend was real fun...

My super mad weekend with the krazy bunchies.
Had lotsa food. Loadsa fun, loadsa crazed up times.
Went to karaoke with the kids and Milly. Sang our hearts out and lovin the "Billionaire" song by Travie Mccoy.
Did some glass painting with the kids and picked Kelvin from the terminal.
Soooo "adrenaline rush" like he txtd me. Everyone was super happy when the minute they saw him. He looked different. I don't know, maybe a lot better than the last time I saw him. He was a real slop then.
Anyway, we went to Rat's Island for hawkers. Had some moments catching up and rushed all the way back home to prep for QE II.
Met my god bro there and get to know new friends. Gosh there was also male stripteasers. It was a whole night of a different experience. I also tried Cosmopoliton drink and lovin' it. It was so yum!
Chilled for a couple of hours there and started starving and it was about 1.50am?? So I didn't know where I could get food and rang Dennic up. He told me that the burger stall near his workplace is not bad. Detoured over to chat him up while Kelv got me the burger. Incredibly so true, it was super yum!
Went back home and slept straight away cus too tired and a whole new day ahead of activities.
In a nutshell, durians-yong tau foo, popiah, char koay teow-seafood
Movies at gramps til 2am but i dozed off in the middle due to being absolutely worn out.
Day of departure- went out to temples, drove around for herbal drink then walked around QB Mall and more food. It was all such a short short time.
It was rather fun but the time spent is really just too short. Will and Nessa was really sad that Kelv could not hang a little longer.
After dropping him back at the terminal, got back home and nap for about fifteen minutes cus was feeling unwell. However, got coerced to attend some relative's wedding.
There, my night was just empty.
~Good night~

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bubbly thingy game took up thirty minutes of our nyt (:

Making faces in the car right after eyebrow "threading".

Nice shot take one! ( Will and I waited while waiting for Nessa to be done)

Manicure & pedicure of the same color with Nessa
(photo taken by William Vincent)

Went for threading after brunch at Rat's Island. Went and got some threads for making friendship bands. Played games in the arcade and Nessa rocked it hard!
updates soon.. going over to gramps now for another bonding and gossiping session...


Really tired from the outing and so worn out after so many stuff.

I love the colors we matched for the bands. We did the bands and Will practically messed up the knots on his so he could only have the simple version of the band. Nessa and I are working on ours to be completed asap. Milly didn't even start on hers because she've got so much to study for her test next week.
We played some bubbly thingy (I don't know what it is called)
got home and slept really soundly due to being so friggin' tired!

First day of summer jazzin'

We wore matching ribbon earrings Nessa got from Forever 21 Camwhoring all the way to the temple in the backseat

Summer lovin', had me a blast! Summer lovin' happened so fast...
First morning. We headed for breakfast at gramp's. I had quite a FEAST! Curry Noodle, Nasi Lemak, Chee Cheong Fun. Yummy~!
After filling up my tummy and we made a trip to the temple where grandpa was cremated and kept. Aunt P had sorrow tears flowed as she began her prayers to her late father.
We went back to gramps and took a drive out to lunch and I had Hainanese Chicken rice for lunch. Though I didn't really have the whole plate myself.
It was Russell's birthday so Q K brought all the kids and I to QB mall for Japanese in Azuna. I loved the ice-cream. oats in vanilla. Real unique.
Rushed all the way to gurney for a nice pampering session of mani and pedi. Nessa and I applied on same colors for our nails and toes while Will just sat and observe us. We had quite some fun there. Milly came late and passed her mani session.
Dinner at Ananda's. Ate like Kings and Queens again. LOL! Chattered and drinks. Lovely!
Shopped along Little India and got ourselves some fun stuff to do for the slumber party later on.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Last night, it was bitter for me. For there are so many reasons that I would not want believe of a better tomorrow. Screw it I could not sleep. I was depressed as I confide in Johnson who is all the way in Liverpool. He told me some wise phrase that used to be utters from my own very self before. Yet I do not remember of the time where I was at his position, free and happy.
today is a total different day for me. a start of a new week.
It is usually a boring Monday for me but today two cheerful beings are on their way to be on the island. An obvious sign of additional fun added in my daily life.
All the plans and all the things we are gonna do. Boy, it thrilled me to my very bones.
Starving. (got myself yoghurt in my typically classic favorite flavor, strawberry!)
Waiting for my lunch delivery at the moment. I am having Maccy D (:
Kenneth is such a hypocrite to keep complaining that I am too thin for my figure yet he kept calling me FAT. Mixed feelings*
update soon
(thinking of what to wear to the airport to greet them later) psyched!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

my not so lazy Sunday

Sunday - at work as early as 9am. Overslept and didn't manage to complete my make up on time so kinda did it in the car. Lucky there weren't any smudges but I clearly need to get more tutorials and how-tos.

Picked Dennic, my photographer's assistant of the day. Rushed all the way to the shooting venue.
Beautiful scenery I see. Managed to put my make-up together and finally shoot starts.
Halfway thru it my tummy started to growl. Starving. I get hungry easily lately. The sun is getting hotter each minute! Had fun at the shoot today though.
The shoot rep up in about one hour and grabbed breakfast at the nearest Subway. I had chicken slices and egg sub and hot tea at the side. Detoured to Dennic's office for awhile because he was about to be fined for a lost file. LOL!
Stayed on facebook and messenger all day although I wanted to rest so badly.
Oh well, since my blog is being revamped to a prettier look, I can rest right after I take a nice hot shower..
P.S. - Happy Father's Day daddy and all other daddies in the world! (But of course, my dad is the world's greatest!!!)
Updating soon! Stay tune. x o x o

twisted saturday

I had a lot to do today. Woke up to fetch my mom for an eye check up in Island Plaza.
Was still pretty sleepy and almost dozed off while I was driving. Waited for quite sometime for the checkup to be completed then went back home to prep myself for a whole day outing. "Tiring!" I thought to myself but I believed it'll be worth it.
Went to SOHO in Upper Penang Road for lunch and dropped my sis at the "Library" then head straight to meet Wendy, Kenneth and Jack. Had an awesome awesome memory flashback of old times. Gosh, I never thought Jack was from so many schools before. Uplands, Sri Inai, Saints, etc. Bad kid. LOL!
Left after sitting in Winter Warmers for two hours plus sipping tea and yakity yakking.
Met Dennic, Wendy, Kenneth for dinner having Lok Lok and Sushi at Rat's Island. LOL! Had another great session of joy and laughter.
Last destination of the day. Karaoke place called BOSS at Times Square.
*Real sweet memories*
One of the days I wouldn't forget.
Bookmarked in one page of my diary hidden inside my heart.
Slept at almost 1am for an early start tomorrow.

Note to Big Bu:
To die and part is a less evil; but to part and live, there, there is the torment.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What I did today? Nature exploration.

shots like these doesn't come easy.

bitten by ants

blood sucked by a kazillion mosquitoes

sweat dripping down my cleavage.

in the end, it is all worth it!

After that I met up with Benji to go out for movies " The A-Team" which is similar to " The Losers". It was quite a movie.

Went for dinner while watched the match between Korea vs Argentina. (In Love with Argentina Player number 9, Gonzalo Higuain. Super hot stuff and talented)

Went back home and yet another ordinary day.. Not great just passes by.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my reunion with Michael

こんにちは. ^^
I woke up as early as 8am after sleeping at a wee hour last night. Blurry as I am, I had to drop Milly to class so that I can have the car to myself.
Got back home and got a little hungry so I made myself four slices of sandwiches. Ate them while watching tv. After eating, no more movie that dig my interest so I plan to take a cat nap for about an hour before meeting Michael at 12.30pm.
When my alarm rang at 11am, Michael called to reschedule the time to 12pm. I was like oh-em-gee... I am not ready because I haven't shower or beautify myself. Rushed all the way til I managed to be there right on time! Okay, I lied. I was about 3 minutes late. whee, what a big improvement!!!)
Ordered my hot cup of green ocha, I flipped through the menu from front to back then front again. Didn't know what I want. Finally made my mind on ordering Sake Fish in teriyaki.
We ate and caught up good old times and realized we did not meet for at least 4 years.
Finally went back home to watch tv while chatting online.
Left to pick Milly again and dropped by One Stop to get the Multi SD Card Slot reader. Got home to try it out but it was not working. Bummered* I had to go back and ask for a refund or to replace with a new one.
Chat with Kelvin over msn, pity Big Bu he got his helmet stolen. He had a rough day today but I managed to cheer him up a little. Hope he sleeps soundly tonight.

Monday, June 14, 2010

...A simple I love you means more than money.
~frank sinatra~

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pfft.. Its been one friggin' boring day for me. I woke up early about ten today disturbed by the sounds of tv cus my sister was getting ready to college and she HAS to watch the tv first.
Waited for her to prepare herself so I sat in front of the tv watching and flicking the channels one by one until I stopped on Star Movies airing Ever After- a Cinderella story casting Drew Berrymore.. Such a happy ending started my day.
Got hungry during the movie so I grabbed the whole pack of low fat high fibre cereals. Ate it just like that as snacks cus I got lazy getting bowls and milk.
Started flicking the channels again until there are absolutely nothing that interest me so I decided to get back to sleep. But I could not sleep though. It was too bright, I had to use baybeh to cover my entire face.
Toss and turn on the bed and fell half asleep when I suddenly got hungry. I went for food hunting after that. I finally ate durians, ice-cream, instant noodle, 4 pieces of bread then I felt bloated. I ate while watching tv yet again. :) Such a lazy bum.
No more movies again, so went back to sleep. Slept halfway and all kinds of noises from my phone started annoying me, calls and text messages. Continued sleeping until my sis came back from class.
Waited for mom and dad to return home for dinner and made plans with Benji to go out cus I wanted to pass him some biscuits that he liked and my sis got extras.
Went to the beach for awhile to ease myself. To feel the breeze but there are only little. To look at people barbeque and having fun. I felt serenity with the silence and water washing to shore.
Made me think. Made me stop for just that particular moment.
Got home and logged on immediately.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Es ist ich wieder!

Updating again. Too lazy to update everything in detailed!

In a nutshell, I wanted to do my nails right after blogging. I have got some chipped nails which i need to smoothen. I wanted to do it days ago but i was so caught up with other stuff.

Went out with Benji earlier cus he fetched me to get bus tickets and have lunch while he wanted to also pick his brother from college.

Got my tickets and came back to chat with Rene, who recently rescued a brown and white chihuahua and is currently looking for an owner for it. Hmm.

Tired and body ache even though I woke up at noon! Have not been sleeping well lately.

Unknown reasons to that, but I hope that I grew prettier each day for sleeping at the time needed for rejuvenation of my complexion to glowy and shiny. LOL...

Looked at some dining place in Penang which I am interestedto go. Especially this place known to be famous for dining looking at the sunset. Sigis by the beach at Golden Sands Resort. How romantic it would be.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bart on the island - Second & Third day

I think I might have gained slight weight just for this week of Bart's existence.
It is all about food. Nonstop.
Second day we went for breakfast at Rat's Island (Pulau Tikus ) for a nice bowl of Hokkien Noodle and a bit of Banana pancake. Usual foods. We headed straight to the Snake Temple after dropping by at nanna's house for a short coffee ice breaking session.
There are so many kinds of snakes there. Big or small, large or enormous. All so icky looking. I touched one though. Very smooth and it sent shivers down my spine. It is an albino snake said to be tamed and if a person touches the snake from its head all the way to its tail it will bring you good luck. So I did and it was quite an experience.
Went for lunch next at Cintra Street's famous Hainanese Chicken rice and I ate there. Not one portion on my own though. Had to share with Bart's gf. Penang Road's famous Chendol thereafter. Eating is now not on our minds and became really bloated. Head to Kek Lok Si temple cus Bart wanted to pray although he doesn't believes in God. What an irony!
I played with that thingy where a person had to shake until one stick drops and we seek answers for the future or something. I did twice because the first seem to be a faulty try. I got my answers and I guess from that day, I changed my perspective.
Headed back for dinner at some seafood place. That is where we ate the sucking thing. Not my favorite but for fun. Right after dinner, they wanted to go for more food at New Lane in town... Geez and they ate some more.
After that, dropped them back and called it a day.
Third day a.k.a. final day- Met them at their hotel to check out. Immediately head for the famous laksa place opposite Penang Chinese Girl's School but it is still not opened so we settled with Chee Cheong Fun and Char Koay Teow. It started raining unicorns and trolls. So we sat there for about 1 and half hour just talking about some issues that's playing in my head. Laksa stall opened and Bart made is way to his stomach.
Head to QB Mall for a window shopping but detoured to have some durians at Anson Road. Creamy rich and fragrant durians. Yummy! Lucky not too much.
Walked around QB Mall, feeling super lonely cause I am the one without a partner.
Dropped them at the terminal when it is almost time. Bon voyage and Au Revoir!
Head back for seafood buffet at Traders.
Tried a wide range of seafood and fresh oyster was one of them. First and last time of that thingy in my mouth.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bart on the island - First day

awww, sitting now at Dennic's workplace while bloggin.
eff-in forgotten to take pictures with Bart and YY today. Frustrated.
Watched a movie earlier today " Once a gangster" Darn funny!!!
Ate 1908 New York Chicken hotdog and garlic flavored pretzel. So greedy*
Checked in the hotel for Bart before picking them from the terminal.
Eat again, this time i had laksa with sugarcane from the roadside ( not knowing if they used drain water to make it ) ewww... disgusting...
Wanted to ride on the cable up to Penang hill but unfortunately, it is still under renovation. So bummer*
Dropped Bart and his gf at the hotel to shower while I sat alone in the car thinking to myself about my problems. Then I got stressed up. THen I *secret*
Talked to Dennic over the phone and apparently he is "sick"... ( Later on he admits and confessed that he lied to me... I poot poot for awhile )
Went to the Goddess of Mercy's temple and saw real life scenario of the poor, the samaritans, the bad and etc. Took some pictures then met up with Dennic at his place. Visit an art gallery next to his crib. Real nice! Inspired me to wanna do art again. Excited*
Went for dinner and I ate Hokkien Noodle (one bowl all by myself...), Ice Kacang (Yumm...), fried tofu...
After dinner, brought Bart and gf to gurney cus he wanted to eat chicken skin but there are no place to park so i waited in front of MCD and bought myself a regular fries...
Left the love birds back at the hotel while they get themselves ready for movies and I started thinking about my own problems again and get sick of my life!
Came over to Dennic's place again and then here it is. This post!
updates soon x o

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

two days since i stepped foot on the island

Wendy and I in Austin Chase, QB Mall Penang Island

It is the second day since I stepped foot on the island. Though there ain't much going on YET because of the things I am going through, struggling still but not so much now. I managed to find time to start plans of my outings and catch up sessions with my friends one by one.

Monday morning - Benji invited me to exercise. We went and I really sweat off some weights. Had subway breakfast before that though. Healthy living. Settled the reservation for Bart's arrival on Wednesday. So much to do... Went back home and dug out my antique piano. Stared at the keys for awhile. It became total stranger to me that I don't remember how to play anymore. :O

Took out the music pieces and started to play one by one of the songs. Played Lullaby at first and then stucked with Fur Elise ( Beethoven ). Kept practicing until I got it right. :)

Went out to meet Wendy and Rene at QB Mall and landed in Austin Chase for a cup of Banana Strawberry Frootie. It was really nice! I love the new place, so NOT coffeebean and NOT starbucks. Just a new environment. Talked and talked for the whole night about mind vs the heart.

Went back home and became tired.
update soon x o