Sunday, May 30, 2010

my last saturday in KL

Well, my saturday turned out to be great!

Woke up to prep for a super nice outing. Dressed up after showered and went out to Bangsar for Indian food. I had banana leaf rice and fried indian style noodle with banana lassi. :) what a grande meal. It is lunch, so whatever! Shared my food with Kelvin.

Caught a movie, Prince of Persia. It was really awesome at first, but the ending is just kinda blahh. I mean although everything seem interesting during the prescreen and posters but the ending is not what I expected it to turn out. It was quite a happy ending though which in real life I would not find in my life. =(

Bought myself a nice diamond solitaire ring. :P

Wanted to go for Vietnamese food at first but it started to rain cows and dinosaurs. So ended up eating chinese. I had noodles again with honey lemon drink.

Went back home to pack my stuff to return to Penang the next day. *Heavy hearted*

However, with my heart as heavy as a tonne, I still need to get things done so I did most of the packing and then went for a two round session of left4dead with Kelvy and Benji. We managed to win the game and then we head back home to watch , " Couples Retreat " (a very nice movie for couples who would end up with happy ending..... yet again..... )

Cried myself to sleep after that.

Friday, May 28, 2010

updates of me =)

since my last entry. I did quite a lot of outing.
Just to make use of my time left in KL.
let's see, i went out to IKEA on thursday to spend my time window shopping.
I woke up early to wake Dennic up as promised. Kelvy fetched me to the station nearby his workplace for me to head to Benji's. We planned to go together as he has stuff to do there either. We waited for the shuttle at 11.30am.
After arriving IKEA we went straight to the place he intended to go. Read some religious stuff in Borders and walked around scoping if there are anything nice I could get. Finally both of us got hungry and we dropped by for Japanese.
Got some stuff to cook for dinner. Made chinese herbal soup with rice vermicelli. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! After the meal, I watched Phantom of the Opera. It was really a good movie. AT FIRST, until i kinda got sick of it towards the end because I thought, why would people sing to each other when they can just talk straight away. Funny. LOL! Then Ben and I imitated our daily conversations into songs... A good movie though.
Got a text from Kelvy saying that he is going to sleep. So I thought, "WHAA??? So early??? But then again I remembered he will be working the next day plus there isn't any lights at home so there isn't anything he could do.
That was one of my day.
Day two is almost as boring. Nothing much is done. Went to Borders and read some bridal mags. Loved quite a lot of the gowns and dresses. Had some ideas for Wendy's wedding or any other friends of mine who will be getting married soon.
Ate chinese food for dinner this time and then head back. Met Kelvy at Bangsar and spending spree!!! Bought two new items for collection! =P
Dinner with Kelvy at Pappa Rich. Yummy. Had a fun night out and did quite a lot of talking about life matters. Just then to realize how depressed he is. =I
Plus there is nothing I could do about or help. =(
I hope all will be fine and go smooth.
okay, i gotta stop here to play Left 4 Dead now.
Until next time!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Entry

 Being the first entry, I was bored sitting in Benji's room couldn't figure out what I could possibly do or go. Therefore, I started creating something to waste my time with. Blogging. As I was chatting with Kenneth and Dennic on FB, thanks KennyBulubulu by the way for a great session of awesome advises you gave and Dennic, the idea of you inspiring me to blog. So you gotta check this site out once a while okay?

Things I did before I created this entry:
1) woke up and logged on to fb

2) had yoghurt for breakfast and thought of having soup and instant noodle for lunch =P 

3) terrified with a really hideous looking lizard (blackish and dark) in ben's room crawling all over

4) fb, chatting with a few people and getting to know their updates after not hearing from them for sometime and then blog... 

5) considering whether to take a jacuzzi bath later on after lunch. (yet to decide but i have PLENTY of time to waste) 

oh well, off to making lunch. 

update soon.