Friday, October 21, 2011

As much as I am thrilled about being able to blog using my iPhone, the cellular coverage simply just suck big time. I'm psyched out and literally got all pumped up to resume blogging but seriously. Work is eating up my time like cheerios and milk for breakfast. I get lost trying to figure out my route in life and the many type of friends I meet wong the way. Some are nice to keep, some are hello and hasta la vista baby! Best part of all these made me came clear of my doubts that old good friends are gem. So precious and rare. The ones I will never lose. Traveling takes a big influence in my mid 20s. It made me feel rather grown up, typcally when I go on flight alone, a good book and music as my loyal companion. Embracing singlehood and discovering blurred and vaguely imagined objectives to pursue. I spared more time for Wendy and Jas as they deserved my time more than anyone else. Everyone has got their own story to write, I just started with mine evaluating life from my mid 20s or rather call myself 7 years old jet how I like it! Until then, back to my music and heading towards my next destination. Super eager for Oktoberfest and Halloween when I kept in touch with Vino from Lunch today. Blessed *hearts* x o

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