Wednesday, October 26, 2011

November: Crazy Wacky Busy Silly Not-For-Me...


October is coming to an end with HALLOWEEN as closing and the start of a very BUSY BUSY month, November! 

So many birthdays coming up. Graduations and exams all in one. 

I wish sometimes that I do not have to cramp it all in one month but have it spread out in few months just so I will not have some blahh months and some too caught up my uptight tushy busy. 

Let's see, it is not even the end of October and so many Projects for Card Making and Event Planning had to be done. 

Not to mention, Geez my EXAM!

One step at a time. But all have been great. Everything for everyone else but me even though I am to be celebrated of in some occasions say, like I don't know... GRADUATION???


Until the next blog. Pfft I kinda wrote a super long essay like on my iPhone but it all gone just like that. So totally unreliable and I thought it'd be easier and make my life better.

Kinda figuring out a way to stay connected to this the best way possible. 


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